So, you are thinking of a destination wedding? You mull over the usual spots, picturing a beach, or a large swimming pool and think of how to capture the best from the destination you go to. Well- we love a beach wedding, don’t get us wrong, but when you pick a location for your wedding, why not try and highlight the culture and history to really give yourself and your guests an experience to remember. 

For us, Mallorca simply has the best of both worlds. You have some of the worlds most stunning beaches, crystal blue waters and white sands all hidden away in its coves and bays. But inland we have mighty mountain ranges where historic little towns have thrived for centuries. 

This takes us to a special little spot where we decided to do an inspiration shoot to give a taste of real Spanish culture and a rich history that allows the guest to escape their usual lives and be surrounded by peace and nature. 

Let´s look at the wedding table; this was specifically designed to allow the pink hues of the fincas stone to combine with the soft pinks and nudes we see here. Elegant beyond elegant, this soft palette is just absolutely in vogue; combining faded blushes, dusty pinks, almonds, vanilla, toffee taupe and camel tans. The florals here are just divine, soft cream petals and fluffy pussy willow are contrasted with the very sporadic use of long thin spikes of black and sepia dyed twigs and leaves giving the bouquet fantastic texture. The ivory white plates are sitting on a frayed rattan placemat giving a rustic feel, while dancing delicately all over the table are the flashes of rose gold in the rim of the plates, the long and slender cutlery and in the beautifully rose tinted glassware. The individual menus sit at each place setting with very minimalistic rose gold lettering and are dripped with shiny metallic and tinted with an almost not there pink blush to tie everything in. 

Onto this beautiful brides dress- well its simply stunning. Designed by Karen Willis Holmes, it was flown in all the way from Australia. The dress is called The Audrey and combines a beautifully fitted corset top with a delicate netted skirt, but the real showstopper of this dress are the large netted puff sleeves. Hued with cream and covered in tiny polkadots this dress is just a beautifully unique and fabulous alternative to the usual white dress. 

We were so inspired at this shoot, the surrounding beauty whispered encouragement and gave life and light to the shots. There is something very special in the air here and we could not recommend this type of wedding more. It was just a delight to be there.