We are back at one of our favourite venues in Mallorca; Es Cabas. This ancient property of Arabic origin is only a 15 minute drive from Palma centre, however when you are there you feel like you are far from any city, hidden away in the depths of the Mallorcan countryside amongst nature and tranquility-  the perfect setting for a wedding. With its grand Arabic and gothic archways and its traditional Spanish charm thorough and through, you will fall in love all over again. 

We have hosted weddings and created inspiration shoots here before, but we have always focused on the beautiful outdoor space it has to offer and always relied on good weather to allow this, however we had to be realistic. Having a destination wedding in Mallorca massively  increases the chances of good weather conditions compared to other locations with less fortunate climates and we, as planners, have been lucky enough that we have never had to resort to plan B. But any Wedding Planner worth their salt knows that having a plan B is essential, and if necessary you have to have a well tuned action plan for any last minute changes. 

But fear not! This is not the end of the world! Yes, you may have hoped for an outdoor wedding, but really these venues and locations are absolutely stunning and have amazing sheltered and indoor spaces that will make the day as magical as you had dreamed- and sometimes it can actually surpass your original expectations. 

We set up the dinner table up inside the properties olive press room, a fabulous space with its high ceilings and stone walls, giving that perfect mediterranean setting to remind the guests where they are and that they are far from home. It is so important to have this aesthetic because if the interior had been renovated to a modern standard and without all the charming character and Spanish vibes, the guests could be in anywhere and you wouldn’t be able to capture the essence and unforgettable experience of being on one of the worlds most beautiful islands. 

To tie into the island theme we have used a blue palette to link to the crystal waters of the sea that surrounds this land. An almost turquoise but still very much blue table cloth sets the base for all the beautiful decorations we see here, while using various browns we link in the woodland nature from the fincas gardens. We have used rustic and natural materials;  seen here in the wicker bread baskets and the rattan placemats. Bronze coloured cutlery and wooden Spanish chairs combine nicely to compliment the look. The floral arrangements are incredibly understated; sprigs of dried leaves and wild flowers are held in petite vases dotted down the table, really allowing the blue hues to be the focal point. The crockery is perfect for the theme, asymmetrical and handmade on the island, each piece is different to the last, and with its various blue tints and the splashes of brown it just works so well. The very slightly tinted blue glassware give a nod to the theme but then surprises us with its bronze coloured rim, giving a modern feel and a more luxury hint. The pale, tall candles break the table up and illuminate the colours more vividly. We love this look and feel it’s just such a change to the wedding “norm”. 

The stationary seen here are the invites and thank you letters, all kept within our colour scheme, The swirling blue lettering sits very gently on the textured paper with its rough torn edges, its beautifully simple, yet very pretty. 

The brides dress is by one of our favourite designers; Karen Willis Holmes. She is a virtuoso in creating original and breathtaking dresses for all shapes, sizes and styles. This dress has a very low cut front, but has built in bra support for extra peace of mind on the big day. It has a very delicate pearl belt feature, but the main attractions are the puff lace sleeves giving that high end chic look with the long buttoned cuffs-just gorgeous. Teamed with no necklace, not to clutter things, and topped with statement earrings its just so elegant and glamorous. Her bouquet is such a contrast to the immaculate white dress, its rough and untamed looking, full of dried wild flowers and leaves but for some reason, just works perfectly, what can we say?

Plan B’s are not so bad after all. Just make sure you pick a good wedding planner with a solid backup plan and choose a venue that is diverse and keeps the theme you want inside and out. At the end of the day, you can’t let the uncontrollable stop you from having the best time ever.