We wanted to create a fresh and bright mediterranean wedding in late the summer to show how incorporating bolder colours to your wedding can still be elegant and sophisticated but give such life and vibrancy.

Here we have lots of bright citrus colours, mostly oranges and grapefruit colours but sitting on a backdrop of pale slue like the sky. This just screams summer wedding lunch and we love it!

The table is clean and uncluttered. The plates and cutlery are a nod to an English Victorian tea party , with their pretty detail and vintage look. The glassware is all transparent which matched the candle sticks. The florals down the table are delicate and soft and add to the garden party feel. The napkins are bold dark orange and dotted all down the table are clusters of orange segments for decoration and colour. The menus are to match.

The ceremony alter structure is a modern loop with a large bustling coral display asymmetrically places to one side. The bright orange chairs are in keeping to the citrus based colour palette but are really modern and cool.

The brides dress is classic and elegant, matching very well with the grooms classic black suit and tie. Very traditional and beautiful.

A stunningly summery day wedding.