There are so many alternative options for couples who want to stand out and are into a more bohemian vibe, especially on an island as diverse and full of natural beauty as Mallorca. 

This shoot represents an elopement, something that due to the current global climate is becoming increasingly popular with young couples. Because of the restrictions on guest numbers at venues, couples are unwilling to leave some of their friends and family out and decide, who makes the cut, so they are waiting to host the large party with full guest list until things are more ´back to normal´ – whenever that will be! In the meantime they are eloping and having really cool private wedding shoots to celebrate their love. 

This shoot is set at a truly cool and original location; a massive garden filled with large and impressive cacti of all shapes and sizes. A perfect setting for a more alternative or bohemian couple, which is exactly what our models are. They are a real couple who really enjoyed doing this shoot and gave them a taste of what they will do when they tie the knot. They also go down to the beach sand dunes to get some pictures which really compliments this relaxed set up. 

The bride and groom are very casual, to a very rock and roll level- the groom even opens his shirt revealing his fully tattooed chest, totally controversial compared to the typical wedding photos most would get in their prim and proper suits and bow ties! The bride radiates with a boho glow, the understated and almost hippy like dress is perfect for this theme. 

We see the couple with a simple triangular structure, decorated with pampas grass, dried flowers and branches with wiry twigs and leaves, but then to add an exotic touch there are pretty white orchids front and centre. 

The brides bouquet is a flurry of dried wild flowers, pampas grass to tie into the arch decor and little buds of fluffy rabbit tail pampas, giving the bouquet lots of different textures whilst still sticking to the boho theme.  

We love this laid back elopement styled shoot really staying true to the models personality and style.