This inspiration shoot takes place in the beautiful 13th century manor house. This extremely well preserved historic estate is so well maintained and packed full of tradition and culture that it is a landmark on the island. The property itself is grand and impressive. The peach colored stone walls are interrupted frequently by large windows and balconies sporting traditional looking brown shutters and ornate columns. There are a number of sublime stone staircases surrounding the building, the main one has two large stone lions on either side, a picture perfect point for posing, allowing guests to capture cool memories of the special event. 

The gardens are bursting with greenery, manicured long and tall shrubs line the courtyards edges while springing out of the neatly maintained gardens are huge fat cacti giving a contrasting and very exotic feel. Dotted about the gardens are lovely little features such as stone pillars, large traditional pots and a pretty little well with its little bucket and drawstring. Bursting with character through and through this is a charming location for a Spanish styled wedding with a modern edge. 

We have two table set ups shown here, one for day and one for night. The day table is the epitome of elegance and grace. Its simplicity through the use of ivory white flowers and decor is so sophisticated yet totally on trend. The flowers bustle with white roses and feathery white wheat against small touches of green leaves that pop through to add depth and tone, all perched inside a stone colored vase. Transparent glassware adds shine, while the plates alternate from white to stone colored on top of a rattan brown placemat that ties in the use of the brown chairs. The individual name cards are cut through with a single crisp leaf which elegantly sit on each setting by the granite grey table cloth and napkins tied with parcel string. Stunning. 

Our second table is for the night, we use the same floral centerpieces but add extras to give the table more depths, and to add a moody edge we used black candles and water glasses on top of a dark grayish blue table cloth. The white and black marbled plates are really cool and modern, and sitting on them is a minimalistic personalized rectangular menu, each with their own name tag to give that contemporary feel. 

The brides dress is tasteful, slick and refined, yet has a halter-neck top and pinched in waist with a bow and a very low backless cut to show a little skin and give that sexy vibe. The material is layered and has a lovely train that flows behind beautifully but doesn’t go over the top. Her bouquet is all white flowers stuffed with different textures and sizes to create a fluffy cloud like design. The hexagonal wooden alter incorporates the same flowers as the bouquet for beautiful harmony. The groom wears a classic black suit and bow tie but has a flashy stripe down the trouser leg and on the lapel giving a hint of luxury and swag. 

 We feel so lucky to getting to work with such fantastic venues in Mallorca. There is a great appreciation for being surrounded by history and a very strong feeling of gratitude that throughout generations of ownership each family has done their part to preserve the beauty and charm of this magnificent manor. It´s a privilege to have any event here and the magic of this property really gives the night life.